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Media Splurge Challenge Movie Recommendations Wanted: Romance

Ask the right horror people, and you will get the theory that Romance and Horror are really two faces of the same coin. Both are genres that are based on invoking a specific emotional responses in the audience. Both are genres that are at it’s best when they deal with development of the character in the situations they are in, not just that base emotional experience. Now, is it any wonder that horror’s audience is predominately male and romance is predominately female and when it comes to the movies both are considered the date movies that one half of the date isn’t going to be keen on? Psych, Film, and Lit majors, here is a Ph.D. dissertation for free.

Now, unlike many guys, I don’t mind romance movies–and I even get teary at times (and not that single, manly tear bull I keep seeing, but a “I’m a freaking human being and I want love and romance like other person on the planet because life is lonely without it” tear). You can probably chalk it up to having two older sisters and catching Mom’s soaps as kid when I was home sick–which was a lot. But I am discerning when it comes to them, much like I am with horror. I think it’s because both genres can just go too far for no apparent reason. Mysteries, Thrillers, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Action, they all need to have some restraint they have to make what’s happening in the movie feel plausible. Horror, Romance, and Comedy, they are trying to make you feel something, so there is more room for absurdity if it helps pack an emotional punch to you.

So since I did Horror, I should flip the coin and see what Romance has and possibly use my tissues for more than my allergies. Post every single romantic movie you make a person watch if you had the chance. I would post a link to my list here, but when it comes to Romance genre, they seem to consider everything that has either a romantic element or characters in a relationship as a romance movie. It became tedious to search though all the ones that didn’t belong to find the ones I watched. So when I mean “every single movie” I mean dump your top 100 if you have one.

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