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Yeah, I know, I kind of blew the surprise with the title. And I also realize this is a terrible post for April Fool’s.

For those that read my last post, I’d been having pains in my body for a while. A few days after that post, my liver doctor told me to come into the hospital as I was starting to run a mild fever. The next week or so was devoted to trying to figure out why I had these pains. In the end, it was decided that it was a flare-up of the parvovirus I had between Thanksgiving and Christmas (there are a lot of comments I could say about how that diagnosis was made, but I’m hoping to get this post finished tonight). The next two days was spent treating me with IVIG to help stop the parvovirus.

Then the pain came.

Now, for those that don’t know, I have a very high pain threshold. I broke my foot wrestling with friends in junior high, but never felt it and went on to practice punk and metal songs on drums for something like 4 hours afterward and only realized after the my foot felt swollen. So, when I say that I suddenly felt a pain that crippled me and I cried out for help as loud as I could, know this was pain. It started in my testicle, but it travelled up to my kidney, which eventually became more painful. When a CT scan was done of my torso, not only did they find I had a capsular hematoma around my right kidney, but that I was riddled with tumors. Turns out that the pain I was experiencing was due to the fact that some of these tumors were bursting inside me and filling my with uric acid and other lovely junk. More tests later and eventually I was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma. It is an aggressive form of lymphoma that can affect those who are immune-supressed due to organ transplant, which I just happen to be. The good news is that since it is aggressive, it responds well to aggressive chemotherapy. I was then moved up to the top floor of the hospital, otherwise know as the penthouse, and I started six day, near continuous, chemo treatment. I seemed to tolerate it well, so as soon as I was done the treatment I was allowed to go back home a recoup.

As of right now, things look good. I had a slight bleeding problem after what felt like passing a kidney stone, and I had another CT scan done and my tumor load is doing better. Blood tests are also where the doctors seems to want them.

I’m going in tomorrow for my next round of chemo. It kind of took me a while to recover from the last one, but I was also in the hospital for over two and half weeks in total, so I’m not sure how it’s going to affect me. I do know that my strength and energy are still low as compared to before going into the hospital, so I have no idea how that is going to impat everything I want to do and work on. So, I’ll be here when I can, but don’t be surprised if things are kind of quiet for the near future.

If any major changes, good or bad, happen, I’ll let you all know. But assume no news is good news starting today.

Take care, everybody!


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