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Introducing The Thought Bubble Reviews

thought_bubble headerI wanted to spend a little time to let you all know what to expect with the Thought Bubble Reviews. I learned a lot about comics and the industry during my time at Inveterate Media Junkies. Thought Bubble Reviews is a response to that.

1.) Only comics post DC New 52 launch, even of non-DC comics: The reason isn’t so much that these re the current comics being published, but the New 52 launch also is a good marker for new standards in the comic industry all over that have formed and evolving over the years–especially with the cross-media success and opportunities of TV and movies. IDW currently has more licensed titles in production or set to release than it does original content. Image can bank on anything written by Robert Kirkman selling out due to the success of The Walking Dead show. The comics industry is no longer a niche business allowed to evolve as it wants. It is a cog in the entertainment industry and those forces are fully integrated in the creation process of every issue of your favorite comic.

2.) For the most part, I’ll be reviewing story arcs–not single issues: One thing that is abundantly clear is that comic issues are sections of a story rather than their “one and done” or episodic forms of old. Because of that, it almost becomes pointless on trying to review a single issue on anything besides on art and lettering. You are always going to be talking about deficit of story because you are getting at most 1/4, at worst 1/6-1/8 of it per issue. I can’t even make a book analogy because book chapters are more contained narratively than an issue of a modern comic. Now, that is not to say the occasional issue will from this monotony or a really good one-shot is released. If so I will highlight it because I think that is where the strength of the form lies.

3.) That being said, Mini-series won’t frequent here either: With current comic series being a bunch of mini-series strung together, I, personally, am looking for series that are good enough to stick with for the long haul. Trades keep growing in popularity. Comic publishers are usually pushing them out as fast they can. This makes it hard for me to pick up a four issue mini-series when the month after it finishes the trade comes out. But again, there will be those that strike me for what ever reason and they will get some face time here.

4.) Occasional observations: Even in the last month, there has been some crazy shake ups and news that I’ll want to voice an opinion on. I predict that this is going to become an increasing trend, especially the more successful comic inspired TV and movies become. If you think a black Captain America and female Thor were crazy, just wait till we see what DC does in response.

So those are the “ground rules” for Thought Bubble Reviews. I hope you all enjoy the reviews as I post them–the first I’m aiming for either tonight or tomorrow.

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