2018: The Plan

I’ve meant to get this out for a couple of weeks now, but 2018 already started with the wrench throwing. But here is a quick rundown of what I want to do, in priority, this year (my hope is to start one each month to ease it in, but I want to make sure things that will be daily/weekly things become good habits before adding the next thing on top).

Reading & Writing

Last year, I tried to do both and didn’t get close to where I wanted. While I’m not going for the great series marathon of 2017 I’m still aiming for 52 books this year. I’m in two book clubs: the Literary Darkness group on Goodreads and one set up by the Twitch streamer Pumpkinberry. I’m hoping these two will help me stay motivated to keep reading. I had a strong start last year, and I’m hoping to better pace this year.

Writing is hard lately. There is a lot of anxiety in me when I try, and it’s hard to know how much of it’s a mental thing, how much is an after effect from the chemo, and the wobbly area where the two intersect. While after the transplant it took a while to get the old tale-spinner whirling again, I got there. Post-chemo is much different and much harder. I feel like I get my mind focused and ready, but as I sit to write, everything I learned and trained since, at the very least, college is lost. This is probably the most consuming factor of my life this year. I’ve spent most of my adult life to become a writer. If for some reason I can’t, I honestly don’t know what I’ll do.

Social Media

There was a time I was doing it all: tweets, facebooking, heck, I even tried to game Klout (is that still a thing, or did people finally wise up to the sham that it was?). Since the transplant, my presence online has been spotty at best. I think the most active I’ve been was last year when I was doing art on Instagram. I would like to get back to at least more consistent on the various platforms. I’ve tried to organize and clear up where I can to make them feel more useful and engaging for me and hoping I can reset and restart this year.


Piggybacking on the social media, I want to get back to my art. I stopped abruptly last year, and I do miss it. Having that extra creative outlet is helpful. While a piece a day might be more than I can handle with all the other things I want to do, I’ll probably aim for 2-3 pieces a week.


I have a lot of unfinished projects I started last year. I want to finish a few of them up and possible come out with an EP by the end of the year. If I get going, I may even try to make a Christmas album. Two things that stopped me were 1.) Learning a lot of new programs at once and never sitting down one at a time and 2.) I couldn’t find my Sibelius program. During a moving of rooms at the end of last year, I found my copy, and now it will just be waiting and saving so I can get the much more inexpensive upgrade than buying it a new.

Game Design

People that have paid close attention know I’ve danced with various forms of game design. This year I want to make more concerted efforts. One way is to design adventures and campaigns, probably for D&D 5th, but I wouldn’t mind making them for FFG’s Star Wars games. If I can get a hold of the core book, I may even try my hand at the new Genesys game since it’s based on the Star Wars system.

Another way is to design my own game, Angst & Ennui. I’ve already started a series of short campaigns of Powered by the Apocalypse games since that is the engine I’m planning to use. I want to play them and look at how some of the mechanics both just as a mechanic, but also how it fits in the theme of the game. Angst & Ennui will be interesting in that it’ll be based on teen television shows. I’ll go more into that in the future.

Future Possibilities

Those are the main things I want to do, but not the only things. If everything works out, I have more ideas and plans, including:

  • Streaming and Videos: I would love to find time to stream games again, but there is a lot to that in both time and energy investment. But one goal is to not just stream, but to have a show for writers and looking at ways games, and possibly other media or art, are tools to help write a story. Of course, I come up with this idea just as YouTube screws up how it monetizes videos and Twitch is less viable for new content everyday. So it will take a lot of time and research before I get that started.
  • Arkham Horror LCG content: This is both content for the game itself and an idea I had for the blog here. Since it’s has a lot of role-playing involved and that there are multiple outcomes depending on what happens in play, I thought it would be fun to run through the game and fictionalize the gameplay as a post. I may wait till the current campaign wraps up so that there is a lot of leeway to limit spoilers for people.

Things That Could Get In The Way

Since last February, I have dealt with a shoulder injury. The diagnosis was an injury and physical therapy would do the trick. While it got better, it never stopped hurting. Also, after doing moving in the house for most of December, my shoulder felt worse. The possibilities of either shots or surgery are high. If it ends in surgery, I know I could be out for a while, and it being my dominant arm, it could get in the way of a few of my plans.

So that’s my game plan for the year. I’m not holding myself to get it all done, defining the goals and expectations is helpful. And hopefully this will mean I have more to talk about this year on here and it won’t seem so quiet.

What are your thoughts?

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