Take Me Home

A year and half since I posted…

Let’s just say it was a needed break and while things are still being worked on, it’s time for me to come back out of my hole and say hi to all of you. Granted, I’m sure the number of people that will see this post is in the single digits now–is 0 still a single digit as it’s the null of numbers? Math nerds feel free to leave a comment teaching me the mystic arts of 0–but you gotta start somewhere.

It’s funny that the last lost I had was plans for last year that were almost dashed immediately. For a quick tl:dr:

  • broke up with my long term girlfriend which resulted in a major episode of depression and anxiety
  • now currently diagnosed with Depression, General Anxiety Disorder, and Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia
  • North Carolina is denying my disability status and we have discovered just how laughable and rigged it is here
  • Found out I had a completely detached rotator cuff for about a year and a half and had the surgery to fix it.

But the biggest news is that it’s official that I am head back to New Hampshire. For those that have been around a long time, you know how ecstatic this makes me. Even just the few times I visited since I moved away from New Hampshire on 2000, it always felt like home. I understood the people, I was comfortable with the people, and it has seasons and people that understand how to deal with snow and not be idiots.

The next couple of months will be going through belongs, packing, and trying to pare down as much as possible to make the move a light one. So I thought I would journal that story here and share the story of going home again.

What are your thoughts?

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