W. D. Prescott is a writer, composer, artist, and nerd. Loving writing and music equally, he dropped out of high school and worked towards a B.A. in Creative Writing as well as Musical Theory and Composition from Bard College at Simon’s Rock. He went on to Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction Program for his M.F.A. He’s been published in Tainted: Tales of Terror and the Supernatural and Hazard Yet Forward. He is the creator of Eldritch Thoughts of the Great Cthulhu and The Non-Horror Reader Survey. He reviewed comics and wrote a TV column for He underwent a liver transplant in 2010 and kicked cancer’s butt in 2014. When not engaged in writerly pursuits, he is on Instagram creating digital art, working on an electronic music album, playing or DMing various RPGs, and creating his own Powered by the Apocalypse game.