It’s Been A While

Hey! Well, so much for a easy, but constant posting schedule. Since my last post in March, it has been a crazy ride. So I thought I would do a quick post of drive-by updates which I plan to write more in-depth posts later:

  1. Mass Effect Andromeda was meh – I did finish the game within a week, though I didn’t stream the last 1/4 – 1/3 of it. The reason being was that there was a lot of boringness that made for a boring stream and I kinda wanted to finish the game and move on.
  2. Another reason for me to not like summer –  Listen, I’m not a summer guy, never really was. I’m a human space heater, so the addition of more heat is the last thing I want–even worse down here in the south. But one of the things I’ve noticed since the chemo is that I have a very hard time getting to sleep the deeper into summer I get. The last few months have been a wreck of sleepless nights only to fall asleep and sleep a day away. And that makes planning to get things done tough when you don’t know when you’ll get rest, need to work through being exhausted but restless, and are dealing with normal, day-to-day events that don’t care if/when you slept.
  3. Bum shoulder – Since February, I’ve been dealing with a pain in my shoulder. Turns out it was a rotator cuff muscle injury. Luckily, nothing needing surgery, but it’s been a long haul–couldn’t even raise my arm 90 degrees at the start. But it’s getting better, but it’s taking a lot things of the table since I couldn’t use my arm.
  4. Writing again – My best friend, Chris, has tasked me to write him a story and writing only 3 sentences a day. I’ll be honest, between the the sleep, arm, and various life things, I haven’t been as diligent. But, I think I’ve finally fixed some of that and I’m hoping to get back on track. It’s currently a sci-horror story about memory. It’s more horror than sci-fi, so not sure where I’m gonna be able to send it once it’s finished. But I gotten get it written first, and I gotta keep reminding myself about that.
  5. Reading again – I didn’t mean to, but around mid-February I just stopped reading. There were lots of things going on to distract me, but the main part was that I just hit a focusing wall and it was hard to stay engaged with anything written. But I gave it a go a few days ago and it’s been easier. Doubt I’ll get through 53 books this year, but if I can cut a few more books from my shelves this year, it’ll be worth it.
  6. Discovering new loves – No, me and Sammy are doing great–coming up on 9 months now–this is about hobbies and interests. I love games, but I’ll admit I was getting a little bored and/or burned out on video games, tabletop RPGs, and board games. A while ago, I got into Star Wars: The Card Game, but finding people interested in playing it was hard. So it didn’t stay on my radar for long. But I needed something different and decided to give it another shot. Luckily, the game shops around me are really supporting it now and I’ve found there is a decent player base in the area. I’ve yet to make it to one of the weekly get-togethers, but at least I know it’s there when I can. From that, too, I discover Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Now I love Arkham Horror: The Board Game, but let’s be honest, the setup and procedure of playing is a lot. You gotta dedicate time to playing that game. What’s awesome about the new Living Card Game is that it still has that feel of the board game, but it’s crossed with traditional RPG elements (campaigns, action/choice changing the events, creating a character) and the customization of a card game. And the best part is that is can be played solo, which I have done many times already.
  7. Rediscovering old loves – If you’ve paid attention to my Twitter recently, I’ve gotten back into wrestling. It started with Sammy visiting and since we were both fans of WWE back in the Attitude Era, I decided to get a month of WWE network so we could watch the Wrestlemania that happened the weekend before. Before then I think it something like 5 years since the last time I watched wrestling, and before that I think there was another gap of about 7 years. So it was fun getting back to it and discovering a load of new people and seeing who was still around. And I got that old itch to watch Raw and Smackdown. And now I’m live tweeting about it. And what’s nice it that it’s helping me get back to tweeting which has been fairly stagnant for 7 years now.

That’s kinda been it for the last 5ish months. Now, I’m not going to make promises, but I’m hoping this to be a restart and get to regular posting again. Just these topics alone I could write a lot more about. So, I hope to see you around soon and hope your 2017 is not a total trash fire!

What are your thoughts?

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