Book Clearance: What I’m Reading This Year

I have a lot of books. Most people know this, but seeing my new Durham/Raleigh friends’ reactions to the multitude of tomes I own has been amusing, and then even more fun when I say that this is half what I owned in NJ. But despite the culling before the move, there are still too many books. And I’ve promised myself that I wouldn’t purchase any new books until I’ve read through what I have and decided what to keep or sell.

So this year I’m going to go through a number of series with the caveat that if I ever get to a point I’ve lost interest in the story, all the books in the series get the boot of my shelves.

When I first attempted 100 books in a year, I made the rule that if I wasn’t engaged by the third chapter–unless the writer uses Dan Brown chapters and I have to figure a worth page limit–I stop and toss the book. Similar idea. I tried reading the Harry Dresden books last year and the writing annoyed me so much after the third book, I gave up on the series. So I’m doing that with these series too.

Most of these I’ve read at least the first book, possibly second or third, few all the way through. Now it’s time for them to earn their keep.

The List right now is:

  1. Mercy Thompson series – Patricia Briggs (8 books)
    1. 71811Moon Called
    2. 285205 Blood Bound
    3. 1412138 Iron Kissed
    4. 3413662 Bone Crossed
    5. 6587387 Silver Bourne
    6. 8230540 River Marked
    7. 13413589 Frost Burned
    8. 17562900 Night Broken
  2. Morgan Kingsley series – Jenna Black (5 books)
    1. 729876 The Devil Inside
    2. 2398197 The Devil You Know
    3. 3123162 The Devil’s Due
    4. 5928023 Speak of the Devil
    5. 6521325 The Devil’s Playground
  3. InCryptid series – Seanan McGuire (5 books)
    1. 11402002 Discount Armageddon
    2. 13501633 Midnight Blue-Light Special
    3. 17667009 Half-Off Ragnarok
    4. 20417843 Pocket Apocalypse
    5. 21806701 Chaos Choreography
  4. The DragonCrown War Cycle series – Michael Stackpole (4 books)
    1. 572519 The Dark Glory War (Prequel)
    2. 255879 Fortress Draconis
    3. 611506 When Dragons Rage
    4. 572518 The Grand Crusade
  5. Revelation Space series – Alastair Reynolds (5 books)
    1. 89187 Revelation Space
    2. 89190 Redemption Ark
    3. 89184 Absolution Gap
    4. 89185 Chasm City (Prequel)
    5. 1920164 Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days (novella collection)
  6. Jani Kilian series – Kristine Smith (5 books)
    1. 1171778 Code of Conduct
    2. 1909000 Rules of Conflict
    3. 1909007 Law of Survival
    4. 1573399 Contact Imminent
    5. 1470008 Endgame
  7. Old Man’s War series – John Scalzi (3 books)
    1. 51964 Old Man’s War
    2. 239399 The Ghost Brigades
    3. 88071 The Last Colony
  8. Tears of Artamon trilogy – Sarah Ash (3 books)
    1. 372091 Lord of Snow and Shadow
    2. 372092 Prisoner of the Iron Tower
    3. 372091 Children of the Serpent Gate
  9. Joe Ledger series – Jonathan Mayberry (4 books)
    1. 3993839 Patient Zero
    2. 6962671 The Dragon Factory
    3. 9120730 The King of Plagues
    4. 12024990 Assassin’s Code
  10. Otherland series – Tad Williams (4 books)
    1. 28695 City of Golden Shadow
    2. 10084 River of Blue Fire
    3. 10090 Mountain of Black Glass
    4. 10092 Sea of Silver Light
  11. Xenowealth series – Tobias Buckell (3 books)
    1. 185117 Crystal Rain
    2. 499534Ragamuffin
    3. 2350591 Sly Mongoose
  12. Beast House Chronicles – Richard Laymon (4 books)
    1. 145152 The Cellar
    2. 145153 The Beast House
    3. 733895 The Midnight Tour
    4. 6966428 Friday Night in the Beast House

Some of these have more books than listed. These are solely the ones I already own. If these series make it through, I’ll probably pick up, or borrow from the library, the books I’m missing. And I have a few other series on deck if any of these series don’t cut it.

I’ve given up doing reviews, because I can’t do reviews, I do critiques. But I may write a post here and there about some of these depending on my experience with them. But check these out and see if any of them interest you and read along with me on Goodreads. I’m currently working on the Mercy Thompson books.






What are your thoughts?

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