2017: The 2016 Redo

So, yeah. 2016 happened. I think for most people it was a roller coaster ride. I know mine was. There were many irons in the fire last year and then, on a very uncharacteristic move, I became very social IRL and life swept me away from the many projects I wanted to work on last year. So 2017 I’m usurping as a 2016 redo.

One of the big things is getting back to blogging and social media again. After I announced my Twitch premiere, I got caught up in it. Add to the craziness of life and it never felt like there was time to write anything. But this year I think I have come up with a good strategy to get myself back to where my usual habits were at once.

As far as the blog here goes, I’m planning on at least one post a week on Saturdays.  This isn’t to say other post won’ happen–like this week where I’ll do a few update posts on the projects I’m working on this year–but this bonus content. I’m only keeping myself to that 1 post each Saturday to get back into the habit.

Instagram will continue as an art page with the occasional life shots. I have debated if I should make two accounts, but I honestly don’t take that many pics during the day that the sporadic life shots won’t take away from the art. I will say more about what I have planned for my art in a later post.

Twitter is my preferred social media platform, so I’m trying hard to get active there again. It’s interesting when I look back—thanks to the help of Timehop—how sudden my drop on Twitter happened after the transplant and I’ve never recovered from that. I also forgot how much of it is talking into the wind until someone says something back or fun, inventive hashtags. If you want more of daily dose of me, that is the place to look.

Facebook has always been the odd man out for me. I really don’t like the platform much, but use it because everyone else does. To be frank, the amount I’ve used it in the last three years is probably equal to previous eight that I’ve had an account. But I think what I will do with my page is something like what I’m doing with the blog. It’s already posting links to both this site and Instagram, I think what I will do is have posts that are more discussion oriented every few days to break up blog and art posts. I’m still figuring out the specifics, but I want something that you can’t elsewhere to make the Like feels like a benefit.

Finally, I’m giving Pinterest another shot. I have a few projects that I want or have inspirations from images I found there. And I love letting people see behind the curtain on how I create. I need to do a lot of cleaning up and figuring out boards and people to follow, but that is the intent I have for that site.

As I said before, the next week will have about 3-4 posts with more info on what I have planned for 2017, including the state of Angst & Ennui and my Twitch stream. Be on the look out!

What are your thoughts?

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