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  • Take Me Home

    Take Me Home

    A year and half since I posted… Let’s just say it was a needed break and while things are still being worked on, it’s time for me to come back out of my hole and say hi to all of you. Granted, I’m sure the number of people that will see this post is in […]

  • 2018: The Plan

    2018: The Plan

    I’ve meant to get this out for a couple of weeks now, but 2018 already started with the wrench throwing. But here is a quick rundown of what I want to do, in priority, this year (my hope is to start one each month to ease it in, but I want to make sure things […]

  • Arkham Horror: Hour of the Huntress

    Arkham Horror: Hour of the Huntress

    Well, my year of reading series got away from me. I’m not sure if I will pick it back up next year. Most of the year consisted of evaluating my life, discovering new facets, rediscovering old ones, and trying to find out who I am now that I’m 35. Huh…is this what a mid-life crisis […]

  • Fantasy Booking: Asuka’s Road To Wrestlemania

    Fantasy Booking: Asuka’s Road To Wrestlemania

    One of the things that grabbed me when I came back to wrestling in March was Asuka. I have no doubts that she will go down as one of the greatest women wrestlers, if not just one of the greatest wrestlers period. The story she had while in NXT (WWE’s developmental brand) was that she’s […]

  • SummerSlam 2017 Predictions

    SummerSlam 2017 Predictions

    As I mentioned before, I’ve delved back into pro wrestling. I have a few ideas of other wrestling posts in the near future, but as this Sunday is SummerSlam, I thought I would write down my predictions for the massively long PPV. It’s going to be a crazy six hours on Sunday, if you are […]

  • It’s Been A While

    It’s Been A While

    Hey! Well, so much for a easy, but constant posting schedule. Since my last post in March, it has been a crazy ride. So I thought I would do a quick post of drive-by updates which I plan to write more in-depth posts later: Mass Effect Andromeda was meh – I did finish the game […]

  • Mass Effect Andromeda Launch!

    Mass Effect Andromeda Launch!

    Hey Everyone! Just letting you all know that I will be streaming on Twitch when Mass Effect Andromeda launches at 12 am EDT. I’ve embedded the video here if you just want to watch, but feel free to come by and join the chat to talk with me about the game as I’m playing it. […]

  • Difficulties of Enjoyment

    Difficulties of Enjoyment

    It’s been a while since I got to post anything, oh the wonderful tribulations of life. Nothing too notable, at least not right now. But in the moments between responsibilities, I’ve got to enjoy a number of great movies, music, and other media. Yesterday I spent time working on a post about Logan, because it […]

  • Some Revisions

    Some Revisions

    Okay, first, Saturdays…apparently a bad day for me to blog. Basically a month has gone by since my last post and that’s how it starts. Something knocks you off your path, then another thing, and so on till it feels like you can’t get back to where you were or where you want to be. […]

  • Book Clearance: What I’m Reading This Year

    Book Clearance: What I’m Reading This Year

    I have a lot of books. Most people know this, but seeing my new Durham/Raleigh friends’ reactions to the multitude of tomes I own has been amusing, and then even more fun when I say that this is half what I owned in NJ. But despite the culling before the move, there are still too […]