My Twitch Début

My Twitch Début


Hey Everyone!

It’s been a quiet I know, but I have posts set for later this week. Some of which will detail what’s happened since my last posts.

But what I wanted to let everyone know is that tonight a game called Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment goes live. It’s a team based first-person shooter. Now, I haven’t really played on of these since college and we had dorm battles in Quake 3, but I played in the Overwatch beta and fell in love with the game, even as terrible as I am.

Tonight won’t just be the début of Overwatch, but also my tenure as a Twitch streamer. For those that aren’t sure what that means, Twitch is a site that lets gamers broadcast them playing games live. The viewers can chat with the streamers and generally create the sense of playing games with friends on the couch, it’s just replaces the couch with the internet.

I’m not expecting big things, but it’s one of those things in life you have to just jump in and see if you learn to swim before drowning.

But it’s always great to have spectators! If you feel like either helping me out, check out the game, a bit of both, or watch me figuratively drown in public, come over to my channel at 8pm EDT. I’ll probably play for 2-3 hours.


What are your thoughts?

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