April Art – Variations

April Art – Variations

It’s been longer than I wanted between posts. April was a crazy month, but I do have some awesome thing to announce later in the month. A lot of details still being worked out in the back-end. So I will lots to talk about here.

Anyway, let’s start with today. One of the things I’ve kept working on is my art and I’ve received good reception all around for it. It’s an awesome feeling when a friend comes up to you and says, “Where can I get a print of that,” or the notification pops up that a piece is a featured post and you see hundreds of strangers liking it for days.

Lately, I’ve given myself challenges to my creative process. In the month of April, I decided to make myself use the same base image for the week’s art. So there will be some similarities between some of these. I wanted to used the idea of “variations on a theme” to see what I created. Hope you enjoy these. I plan to get some of these up on my RedBubble store later this week. If you want to keep up with my art as i make it, be sure to follow me on Instagram. I try to post Monday-Friday, with #TutorialTuesday posts where I let you in on how I work and help others get into making digital art. My first post for Minimalism May is up and getting some good traffic.

What are your thoughts?

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