Monthly Music: Metal

With doing all the reading for Non-Horror Reader Survey’s Women in Horror Month posts–the first of which is up now and a new on on Friday–and working on Scavenger, I’ve had a hankering for metal lately. One of the things I needed to do was to clean out a some stuff in my iTunes first. I got this cd, Metal for the Masses vol. 2, and it had one disc of hundreds of mp3′s. I never went through them all. So, before the Superbowl, I went through what was on there. I found a few new bands. Though probaly not that new to those consummate  metal fans out there:

Yeah, I know, I tend to have a bias toward the Power Metal. I admit it. But I’ll ad some other things in there to show I’m at least diverse in my metal.

What I like about this song was that it had sort of a White Zombie/Powerman 5000 sound to it, with that on line that sounds like it came from an Alice In Chains song, and then into a more current sound that was enough their own to separate them out of the rest in my mind.

I think this leans a little more toward the Hard Rock edge of the genre. Great song, especially Hard Rock these days is more like heavy alternative bands and not those carrying the mantle of AC/DC, Ozzy, Alice Cooper, and the like. I think the last true Hard Rock artist I heard and liked was Andrew W. K.

These are just the recent additions to like list for metal. The rest of it includes Dark Tranquility, Sonata Arctica, Therion, Iron Maiden, Korn, Metallica, Dream Evil, and many more. On the whole, if it is melodic–not just the wall of noise and incomprehensible growls–I’ll like it. The Symphonic metal I’m addicted to. That is metal made for music majors. My only exception to the growl wall of noise is Nile, and that because of the source material of all the songs is Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Middle Eastern.

And the thing that I’m still trying to figure out why metal and horror seem to fit each other. I mean, sure a lot of lyrics either use horror conventions or themes, sure. But the sound, for me never fits. Even in the movies, get a good orchestra score and you will have a more terrifying story in your mind than a play list off of Ozzfest or Mayhem Fest. Metal for me was always “ass kicking” music. But there is something that if I read a lot of horror stories, no matter what they are, I always go back to it for a few days.

What do you think the horror/metal connection is?

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